Monday, February 27, 2012

Mumbo Jumbo Mondays

Before you know it, Easter will be just around the corner! There are some extremely cute amigurumi plushies which would be great presents for little ones right through to the elders. So, pick up a crochet hook and get started or head on over to some beautiful creations from some fellow Etsy sellers (click the pictures to be taken to their shop). Check them out - you will only gain!

So beware and prepare! Have a wonderful evening all!

LB <3

Friday, February 17, 2012

Battling the fear of crochet for the sake of Valentine's Day

I have always had a fear of crochet. Why?

Well I don't know exactly, maybe I was too naive and impatient to understand the language! I decided that I will overcome this fear of mine. So I went to our local craft store (Spotlight) and initally I always avoided the crochet section, however, this time I made sure that was where I went first.

There it was... an amigurumi teddy bear kit by Ana Paula Rimoli. I had no idea what I was in for! But it was looking at me so sweetly begging me to be purchased. So I did. I walked out feeling I have already taken the plunge and my feet were in too deep to back out now!

Pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli (Can be found in her etsy shop here or at Spotlight craft stores in NSW).

I got home, semi excited (with a hint on nervousness) and opened the package and ooh'd and aah'd at how cute the picture on the box looked. I quickly searched for the instructions and to no surprise I was extremely terrified by this point. Sc this and sc 3, dec 1 that....oh my what have I got myself into!

Thank goodness for youtube! So I video searched each stitch required and had a go...I completed a couple of small items like ears, scarf and muzzle....only to learn that I have been doing it all wrong!!! I was crocheting in the loop of the stitch not under! What a disaster. My fingers were sore, holding the hook was awkward and I was starting to lose hope...

There goes my planned valentine's gift. So I started to search for some basic free amigurumi patterns to try and get a hang of this technique...I found a heart (will have to find the link) and surprisingly that turned out great! So with that ego boost I decided to go back to the bear...and unraveled all my pieces and started again. By this time I got very little sleep as I was so absorbed by this whole new world and my fingers were aching.

So, finally after many many hours, I finished my valentine's present! YaY! Milestone accomplished. Here is my VDay present for my significant beau...

....and we cant forget the batch of pistachio macrons (first attempt also) to top off a sweet day.

Now, I no longer fear crochet, on the contrary, I can't wait to drown myself in cute plushies! <3